Creativity has always been a means of spiritual breathing for me. From the time I could walk I've been immersed in writing and drawing, always trying to find new ways to express myself in ways unique from the casual spoken word.

I grew up in Maine and entered music relatively late in life, toward the end of my junior year at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. It was then that I formed a folk-rock/classic-rock trio, Waking the Neighbors, with two friends. Along with singing cover versions of songs we loved, we also wrote our own music, which inspired me to put pencil to paper (or crayon to toilet paper, depending on when inspiration struck) for the first time to create my own songs.

In a way, music was a marriage of the writing and art I had produced before, since the composer is painting a portrait of words through a variety of rhythms and chords. Once I wrote my first couple of songs, I was hooked, and people liked what they were hearing.

Fortunately, they still do. Fifty songs later, I've played a number of different venues, from coffee houses and restaurants to major theatre performances and festivals, as well as TV shows like "207" in Portland, Maine. I released my first album, Sandpapered Dreams, in 2005 and my second album, Memorywall, two years later. You can learn about them here, at www.myspace.com/learicsinc, and also by searching my name at www.colby.edu/bookstore.

Creativity has a way of immortalizing how you feel and who you are at a particular time in life. I believe that is what has drawn me to create for so many years. My songs are pages from the story of my life, and I invite you to read them.