The Queen of Astoria

Sandpapered Dreams

I moved to the village back in May
My fingers trembled as I crept inside the room
But the window magnetized my gaze
I saw the world rising on the eastern shore.
And in the building facing me
I saw the eyes of a god
Piercing recognition like a butter knife
When afterwards the fog dissipated
Before she turned away
I saw a different guise
The Queen of Astoria ...
The Queen of Astoria.

The woman?s gaze tattooed my dreams
I couldn?t breathe until the day I finally met her
When I caught her passing by my door
I threw on a mask and rehearsed my banter.
But when her crimson lips formed a word
I passed her off as a child
But then she dug into me forcefully
"You're not the only one afraid of shadows,"
She calmly said with a smile
Before she carried me through
The streets of Astoria ...
Streets of Astoria.

I knew her best from afar
Leaned on my window
Watching her watch the sky.
So many answers known before her time
If she could just find the questions
And ask of me ...
Ask of me.

She passes by the poets in the park
But they go on drowning with anticipation
And when she spreads her eyes across my books
My taste buds tremble with inspiration.
Yet the more I guard her like a hawk
The more she takes to the air
Leaving me stranded as dust slips through my fingers.
I yearn to analyze her every step
To learn what inspires her to move
And a numbing blur is all that lingers
As I gaze past Astoria.