Window Shopping

Other Songs

Sometimes it?s so hard to see the light through the night
I wish I could just get up and dance around
But dancing?s not that fun if you?re at home, all alone
So I guess I?ll have to wait another day.

I was locked inside the prison
Of a long lost broken soul
But the time had finally come to move along.
Finding love again?s a hard game to play
If you never learned the rules
And what makes you whole is now just you alone.

These days I swim along in a sea with many a fish
But I never seem to come back with a catch
My pole?s not long, or the bait?s all wrong,
or I just can?t write the song
I just never get the feeling that it?s alright.

Such is life with window shopping
When you see and you cannot touch
Passing by and by without a whim to stop.
Once or twice I?ll see a lady
With that spark inside and out
But it?s in a dream, or another saw her first.

Yes, I know there?ll be tomorrow
And she?ll come along someday
And the grayness of today with pass away, it?ll pass away
The grayness of today will pass away.