Musical Chairs


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You lean on the window and pen your thoughts
Just wishing your passion would scream
And all of the autumns that passed before
Sing lost lonely ballads in dream
I stand in the shadows and trace your eyes
Defining the castcading light
As it paints its last words across the violet sky
The the moon shines out into the night

They take to the stage armed with tunes they've spun
Attempting to outpace each year
And each harmony twines three aching chords
Which they filter through laughter and beer
Though their echoes reflect through the dust-covered seats
They sing to the ghosts of that day
The wind sails toward west
And I think it is best
That I too should be on my way

I remember the sound
Of each voice as they sat down to dine
I keep playing the tape
For my mind is a camera of time
My mind is a camera of time

She displays her best smile for the photograph
Her arms 'round my father and me
The years stacked ahead far outnumber those passed
And youth seems a bottomless sea
The moment is locked in the frame on the wall
To remind me of that faded day
And life starts to seem quite the ponderous game
With each musical chair pulled away

So I sigh and I know that's the way it must be
Though I often try fighting the tide
But our music will echo with spuirutaual garce
Long after the body has died

February 2005