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I did not know you
When you were just a boy
But I heard you were lonely
And went to find yourself, find yourself.
And built a small house
That sat up in a tree
And wrote on the floor
Up here you are free, you are free.

With age you found love
Your world was ever changed
The room was filled with light
To wash away the hollow pain
But still there were times
You went back to that holy place
And you yearned for space.

You were just my age
In that vehicle wreck
Where you flew from the passenger seat
And your life nearly ceased, to be
In the hospital bed you laid
Body frozen with pain
And you desperately prayed
To leave this broken world, and find peace.

Then suddenly you were free
But it was not meant to be
The tunnel full of light
Where you rejoined your fallen kin
Was there to give you strength
To face the heavens and the hells
And you did it well.

I am your son
Your progeny
And every part of you
Is in some way part of me, part of me
And there will be times
When one of us is blind
And we need our bond
To help the other see, help me see.

You gave me what you lacked
You let my dreams run free
And though sometimes we may cry
When struggling to grasp our changing lives
When you turn away to find
The truth only you may understand
And I follow you to that house in your heart
And offer up my hand
Won’t you let me in?

August 2005