Eternal Day


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As morning fills the rustled room
You gaze awakens mine
Breathing in rhythm as I hold you close
Blocking out the alarm clock's whine
Just today we say we will be free
Living life at our favored pace
And block the fleeting ship
That steals our days away
On this eternal day

I unplug the clocks, you unhook the phone
We talk of dreams and fame
You make me feel 19 years old
With the entire world to gain
When you met me I was pained and jaded
Doubting the jewels you offered me
But now I find my arms are reaching out your way
On this eternal day

I was like a voice with no air to lift it
'Til you encouraged me to sing and to run with my passion
To clear away the rust of doubt which corroded my mind
Show me the way now
I stare into your eyes and search for the answers
I marvel at the certainty of your endless affection
And try to justify the faith that you have in me
Show me what you see

We celebrate the lasting sun
'Til the violet bleeds the sky
Mortality's caught up with us
You turn to me with glistening eyes
Monday'd filled with stress and schedules
Your long drive home is monotony
You need to get your rest but I beg you still to stay
Please don't let slip away
This eternal day

December 2005